KICKIN IT WITH BRIANNA COLETTE!

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Please let our viewers know who Brianna Colette is?
I was born in Nashville TN, & raised in Virginia, I am Fun, Strong, Creative and Adventurous. 

Who inspires you musically? Musically I am inspired by the people around me. I always give my friends advice and those situations often lead me to create songs.

When did you discover that you wanted to be a singer? When I was a kid. I think after seeing Janet Jackson perform, I realized that this was gonna be more than just a dream. 


What is the most comfortable shoe you've ever worn?

I had a pair of Helmut Lang heels that were so comfortable, I wore them down until the straps broke!

What brand of sneaker would you never be caught dead wearing?
I can't say that there is a shoe brand that I wouldn't wear. The sneakers I wear represent me and my style. I usually go for style first, then comfort when I'm shopping.

What's your favorite pair of kicks and why?
Right now my favorite kicks are my hot punk wedge sneakers by SKCH 3. They are so comfortable, affordable and look great. 

Whats the most you would spend on a pair of kicks? 
Maybe $250 although Giuseppe Zanoti has some wedge sneakers for $800 that are worth the occasional splurgethat I have.

Do you consider your self a certified female sneaker head? No, not really but when Im not wearing heels I am in sneakers. My closet is full of heels. 

What pair of kicks do you wish would come back from your childhood and why? British Knights! My sister had a pair when I was a kid, but I was too young to have a pair. I always wanted the shoes and clothes she had. 

Do you have any upcoming shows if so where can viewers check you out? I will be performing at Joe's Pub,will be touring Russia for 3 1/2 weeks in May, Harlem week main stage in July and BET Music Matters Aug 13th.

Where can viewers find out more about Brianna Colette?

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Contact Rowena Husbands
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