Kicking With: Purple Unicorn Planet Of The #PleaseJustdoit Campaign For Nike Trainers!

Kicking With:  Purple Unicorn Planet Of The #PleaseJustdoit Campaign For Nike Trainers!

       Creators of Purple Unicorn Planet  #pleasejustdoit campaign  Emilie & Emily Shown above

Please let our viewers know who purple unicorn planet is and what your #pleasejustdoit campaign is all about ?

Purple Unicorn Planet is a fantasy shop of all the amazing trainers that could be yours if only Nike would… The majority of cool trainers out there seem to only be available in men’s sizes. We’ve handpicked the most awesome trainers, built a fantasy shop website and created a social media campaign to change this.

What inspired you to create the campaign?
We love trainers and we love fashion. Men’s trainers, if you're lucky, start at 5.5UK. So being sizes 4 & 4.5UK respectively all we seem to be offered is pink and purple neon-tastic trainers. We like black woven toed, dark patent leather and blue lighting bolt swooshes too. We decided to do something about it and Purple Unicorn Planet was born. You can talk something to death, but this time we decided to actually do something about it. Working in advertising we had the necessary skills available to bring our idea to life and share it with other women.

Have you received any feedback so far for the cause and how long has the campaign been in existence?

The campaign was launched over 3 weeks ago. We’ve received feedback from all corners of the globe.  Besides the thousands of #pleasejustdoit tweets, women (and men!) have personally contacted us to support the cause and shared their thoughts on what should be done. Purple Unicorn Planet has grown from a side project to an worldwide online movement.  It’s great to hear the feedback and see how the campaign has grown. And we are so happy to see that we’re no alone in our search for better female trainers.

Are Nike trainers your only favourite pair of kicks?

There are several awesome trainer brands out there, but Nike seems to dominating the market when it comes to interesting trainer releases. It would be great to see other brands step up and improve the women’s range. Purple Unicorn Planet has shown that there is a demand from women all across the globe, and there is a big opportunity for someone to capitalise on this.

What do you feel are the ugliest sneakers ever created?

Arguably there has been some ‘interesting’ trainers designs. We are personally not that keen on the more garish colourways coupled with hectic designs. It’s one or the other – keep it simple with bright colourways or muted with more complex designs. Don’t get us started on the ‘high-heeled trainer’.

What's the most you've ever spent on a pair of sneakers ?

EH: I’ve spent over £100 on a Nike Liberty collaboration trainer. I love them, but they are floral and extremely feminine.  I’d like to buy some trainers in a more muted colourway/edgier design however, I cant find them in the women’s section.

ER: I think the most I’ve spent was around £200. But I didn’t buy them for myself, I bought them for my boyfriend – living out the sneakerhead dream through his big feet.  

Do you remember what your first pair of sneakers were as a kid?
ER: I remember buying a pair of Puma trainers when I was about 14 years old. A boy from my school said they looked like bowling shoes and that made me really conscious about the fact that actually did. Kind of ruined it for me. 

EH: Yes, K-Swiss Tongue Twisters!

How can people become more involved in your movement for the #pleasejustdoit campaign?

We made a crowdsourced gallery on our website named Trainer Park. People can Tweet, Instagram or email us the trainers they want but can’t get in their size. We will add them to the Trainer Park and they will become part of our movement. Just send us the link to your trainers/name of the shoe, your twitter handle and your shoe size. Besides Trainer Park, you can keep supporting the movement by tweeting and talking about Purple Unicorn Planet… this is the only way we can get through to Nike. 


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