Kickin With Missy Elliot's New Artist : Rapper Sharaya J! Check it out!

Kickin With Missy Elliot's New Artist : Rapper Sharaya J! Check it out!

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Please let our viewers know who Sharaya J is?

Sharaya J is a Native Hawaiian raised in Jersey City, NJ. Music has been prevalent in her life since she was a young girl, her father was lead rapper of the 90's Hip Hop group Double XX Posse. After having a very lucrative dance career dancing for the likes of artist such as Diddy, Rhianna, and Alicia Keys; she is now ready to take center stage as Missy Elliott's new artist.

What does BANJI stand for and whats the BANJI movement all about?

BANJI is an Acronym for Be Authentic Never Jeopardize Individuality. The "BANJI MOVEMENT" was birthed when I had a meeting with some record execs and after agreeing that they liked the records and I was talented all I needed to do next was wear less clothes, put on some heels, and get a weave…??? LOL… Clearly that wasn't something I was willing to do because I wanted to present my Real self to the world and if the talent was there what was the big deal. After that experience I realized that I would set out on a mission to prove that you can make it in this business without having to conform.

                                        Check out this video about Sharaya J Discovery!

How did you get discovered by missy elliot?

Actually, Me and Missy met thru a mutual friend. I was a dancer and because Missy has always been connected with the dance world we ran into each other at an event. Of course like dancers do, we were all battling and getting busy on the dance floor and Missy pulled me to the side and asked me if I was an artist.  I told her that I'd actually been dabbling in it lately and she was like "…good because you got that superstar quality." She then offered me the opportunity of a lifetime by taking me under her wing and grooming me for greatness. She became my mentor and the rest is history.

                                 ( Check out the Banji Video above sooo dope!)

What was the inspiration behind your Banji music video? ( i love it)

Man, I wanted to do something fun and creative for sure. I'm always pushing myself to think outside the box and with a mentor like Missy she's always pushing pass perfection. (lol) Of course It was going to be dance inspired for sure because that is my root and I always wanna stay connected with that. We also shot a couple scenes in Jersey City because that my hometown! The "Don't Be A Menace…" spoof was just us having fun! I love that movie!

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What inspired your dope blue gumbi hairstyle? 

Bobby Brown! I love him as a performer and I love the 80's and 90's I grew up in those eras so I've always been intrigued by them! The color turquoise is just my fav color.

What is the most comfortable shoe you've ever worn?

What brand of sneaker would you never be caught dead wearing?
hahahahah…I love kicks, but if I had to choose…Sketchers!

What's your favorite pair of kicks and why?
Now that's a hard question… But of course I love jays, but I like retro joints too like ewings or 54 11's. I like kicks that make a statement.

Whats the most you would spend on a pair of kicks?
Depends on the kicks, but I definitely ain't touching 5 stacks!

What pair of kicks are you  most anticipating to cop when released?
I'm never sure…lol

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Do you consider your self a certified female sneaker head?
Yes mam! As sure as I'm certified BANJI… I'm a certified SNEAKER HEAD!

What pair of kicks do you wish would come back from your childhood and why?
Ellesse… mainly because I been trying to find a cute pair to but I've had no luck.

Do you have any upcoming shows if so where can viewers check you out,
Where can viewers find out more about Sharaya J?
Yea I got a lot of stuff coming up. Make sure y'all tune into or check me on cuz I'll definitely be keeping y'all posted! Thanks again! S/O to Kick passion! xoxo


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