Kickin with karma shoetra

How did you come up with the name of your brand Karma shoetra?

 The name of my business actually came from a local photographer from my hometown. A small city in Ga called Sandersville. He wanted to do a shoot with me and use the art of sex to show off sexy shoes and the name just stuck with me.

Are all of your products custom made?

All of my products are custom. I can take any shoe and transform it into  something different from the original look.

What inspired the jordan heel style in your collection?

The "Jumpman" design was actually inspired from my passion of Jordans. (No  trademark infringement intended) I love his sneakers but I also love heels so I decided to add a twist to it and make myself a pair of custom heels.

What celebrity would you love to see in your shoes?

I would love to see a pair of my heels on my favorite rapper Nicki Minaj. She's so bold and isn't afraid to step out of the box and I love her for that. Her style is amazing.

The designer of karma shoetra  pictured above in her favorite kicks and shoes.

Do you wear heels 24/7 or do you switch it up? if so what are your favorite pair of kicks to switch into?

 I wear heels a lot but I do switch up to sneakers. My fav pair of sneakers right now is a pair of Lebron James because he is one of my favorite  basketball players. Yes, I'm a Heat fan!

How can people find out more about you shoes and where to purchase?

Right now I have a website in the making. I've only been in the business
for a year now so things are moving quicker than I thought. Until then, find me on fb Karma Shoetra by J.Stephens or follow me on IG @daoriginalshoenista29



  1. Yes! Big ups to J. Stephens and Karma Shoetra! I love her designs. And tons of cool points shouting out Sandersville! (you know how everybody say they are from the A!) LOVE YA CHIC!


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