Kickin It With Music Artist Brave!

Kickpassion: Let our readers know who is Brave and what's the meaning behind your name?  
 Brave: My name is Brave Williams. To me bravery is loving yourself past your flaws (or what others may see as your flaws) and having a sense of strength that no matter what your circumstances are.. you'll never give up on yourself. Thats Brave. We all go through things in life- but its the brave ones that don't quit.  

Kickpassion: How would you describe your musical sound? 
Brave: My sound is the perfect marriage of hip hop and R &B.  
Kickpassion: When it comes to your fashion style what do you feel most comfortable in ?
                    Brave: DRESSES. I love dresses and leather. faux leather, leather pants, 
                       Leather jackets. I love mixing  edgy with girly. 


Kickpassion: We've noticed that you rock reeboks a lot do you model for reebok ? 
Brave: I do. I was recognized by Reebok as Tribe Leader and am a Brand Ambassador for the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

Kickpassion: Do you remember your very first pair of kicks if so what were they? 
BmoreBrave: I DO! my first kicks were a pair of all white low top Reebok Classic's. It was rare me and my sister got new pairs of shoes, but when we did it was the greatest feeling as a kid. I felt rich, lol. 

Kickpassion: If you had to choose between kicks or heels which would you choose and why? 
Bmorebrave: I'm a heel girl by default. I came out my mothers womb wearing heels. something about a heel, any heel, short, tall, 6-inch that gives me an instant feeling of sexiness. I could have on sweats and a heel and feel like I just won an award. 

Kickpassion: What are your favorite brand of kicks? 
                    Bmorebrave:I love Reeboks, Addidas and Y-3 wedge sneakers. 

 Kickpassion: Where can people find out more about bmorebrave and hear your music?

Bmorebrave: I am setting to release my EP Fearless over the next few weeks! You can find me on Instagram @bmorebrave and twitter @bmorebrave To hear my latest song "oooh (luv ya)" go to and

Bmorebrave: And thank you Kickpassion for letting me share my story #ooohluvya

Kickpassion: No Problem thank you for taking time out to share your story with our readers we are greatly appreciative.


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